Friday, August 19, 2016

Voices, Public Policy Prepositions

RantWoman REALLY wants to post a job listing but RantWoman needs to get some unsolicited HELP with discernment out of her system first.

HELP item # 1:
When RantWoman wants to refer people to a job posting, RantWoman REALLY likes it if the website referred to is up-to-date. It's NOT. Nor is dealing with that point explicitly in the job description. Hold that point, all attached to it, and anyone considering applying for the job in the Light.

HELP Item #2:
RantWoman has numerous observations related to age, demographics. Phrasing the problem most gently, it means that Friends in WA are strongly led to come at the same problems from a number of different directions. Sometimes this is a great strength. Probably enough said? If not, buttonhole RantWoman in person.

HELP item #3, the organization Name.
Coming Soon to a Quaker Lobby Near you or at least near RantWoman

There is FRIENDS General Conference.

There are sundry other FRIENDS organizations.

There is the American FRIENDS Service Committee

There is the FRIENDS Committee on National Legislation

There is the FRIENDS Committee on ME Public Policy.

There is the FRIENDS Committee on Legislation of California. (Okay, RantWoman SUCK IT UP. Another preposition that rings odd to RantWoman. COPE!)

and for lo, many years there has been  FRIENDS Committee on WA Public Policy  FRIENDS Committee on WA Public Policy now shortly to become...

...drum roll, please...

Quaker Voice ON WA Public Policy.

RantWoman would love to greet this change with unbounded joy, but wait this is Planet RantWoman.

Quaker? oh, like the oatmeal, or the parrots, or the really wacky shoes, or the motor oil or...?

QVOWPP SLIGHTLY less phonetically infelicitous than FCWPP?

Friends' COMMITTEE vs Quaker Voice? Uhhh, if it's a Committee it seems t o RantWoman like there is a lot more room to draw people together with a committee than with one voice, no matter how much some Friends THINK they have a handle on "unity."

Committee ON also sounds more collegial than Voice ON. In fact Voice ON conjures up a sense of talking over, talking without listening. RantWoman would SO prefer Voice IN WA Public Policy. In fact, if it were up to RantWoman, ...Friends' Voice IN WA Public Policy.

There. Now RantWoman has emitted this concern into the universe. If RantWoman cannot get used to the organization's new name and it continues to cause RantWoman to break out in hives, RantWoman will wish it well but feel thoroughly liberated from ANY temptation to contribute further effort.

Hold that problem in the Light.

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