Friday, December 3, 2021

Sixth Night" Jewish prayer with oldest biblical wind instrument, shofar - Yamma Ens...

Charmed by the phrase "oldest wind instrument mentioned in the Bible"

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Fifth night: MIQEDEM - Psalm 23 (Live in Studio) תהילים כ״ג

Rantwoman is paying absolutely no attention to what is tradition for Hanukkah. RantWoman thanks YouTube for following yesterday's song with this setting of Psalm 23.

Watch it with the subtitles on. RantWoman did not do that with last night's post. RantWoman does not regretthe omission but will probably do things differently going forward.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

LIght: the tribal music of Sephardic Jews - Kondja mia (official video)

Tonight's light is this fascinating song from the Sephardic tradition

RantWoman has no idea what's with the fire imagery in the video.

RantWoman can say very little that is intelligent about the expulsion of Jews from different countries in Europe and appreciates the Youtube comments about musical motifs from different places.    

RantWoman also considers the music a way to celebrate the miracle of 8 days of oil and miracle of oil and persistence across cultures.

Also, RantWoman has never encountered a request to translate ladino Spanish. That is definitely something RantWoman would demu  about.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Light: The Military HATES That Bernie Sanders Just Said ...

RantWoman has decided that this year's Hanukkah observance simply needs to be Jewish Lights in the world.
RantWoman aims to post by sundown every night of Hanukkah but may not make it.

Please note: RantWoman is mostly receiving the gifts of Youtube and expects to include Jewish composers, public figures... RantWoman also hopes the balance will be fun and light e ven though RantWoman has already queued up some beautiful music that is not only fun and light for tomorrow.

RantWoman also is definitely DONE with needing to work out some Nothing Appropriate rage always associated with the holiday that definitely does not need to get plastered over the entire tradition.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Advent Week One

Yes, RantWoman is fully well aware that Advent is not particularly a thing around many Quakers. It is a thing around RantWoman and that is enough. RantWoman suspects this year's advent observance is going to be a little like the annual exercise in pulling out old Christmas ornaments and contemplating weird Christmas gifts. 

(This year RantMom is promising to try to move about 3 large Rubbermaid containers of ornaments she has not touched in years along in the universe.RantWoman remembers a few items in the boxes that might come to RantWoman's house, but RantWoman strives to be judicious about that. RantWoman is trying to reduce some of her own accumulations.)

Weird Gift #1: RantWoman'sfascination with Compline at St. Marks' Cathedral.

RantWoman likes just to settle in and let the music carry her without worrying too much about believing in every word of the lyrics. RantWoman also likes to honor others' spiritual practices. Tonight RantWoman was watching at the right time to watch most of the members of the choir cross themselves at the end of one of the prayers.

Link for Compline the First sunday of Advent

Novembe r28 order of Service

Weird Gift #2 

First Sunday in Advent: Tamar from the Women's Lectionary

Weird Gift #3 Patriarchy is not that great for men either.

Part of the Tamar story above is about men being expected to marry their deceased brother's wife to carry on his lineage. One brother clearly does not want to. Another is too young. 

Weird Gift #4

RantWoman has already been envisioning a band of Quaker pundits willing to wade into the rivers of bilge memes and see whether wielding the right words well might POSSIBLY shift the channels even a little bit.  On rantWoman's mind tonight: Rep. Madison Cawthorn and his comments from a few days ago calling men to more in life that sitting at home masturbating and playing video games. RantWoman kind of wants to ask what is so wrong with either activity: Just think of all the trouble one can stay out of. But RantWoman is provisionally willing to wander into the modern quest for masculinity.

Politico: why the republicans can't stop talking about masculinity

Rep. Cawthorn's house webpage

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Fourth Saturday Worship: Gratitude Controversy Humor?


pink flowers white flowers joyful green foliage
The Christmas Cactuses of Gratitude
shy about sharing
their faithfulness in blooming year after year

Gratitude is a thing all year but in this officially designated time of feasting and gratitude, actual gratitude can be, well, messy

Waiting worship with invitation to center with the following windows into Spirit. Usually there is an hour of expectant worship and then time for freer exchange.

Fourth Saturday Worship Meditation prompts / queries for November

Peculiar gratitudes: are they a thing and what is a quakerly way to talk about them?

On Planet RantWoman, peculiar gratitudes have at least two forms:

--Schadenfreude and things one should not overdo gratitude about.

--Behaviors that do not look like gratitude but in fact reflect gratitude

If one is bizarrely fascinated by the rhetorical back and forth among certain voices in our public life, what does listening in tongues or listening beyond words mean? Does "Quaker Nice" mean one is just supposed to let bilge wash over the conceptual landscape? Where can one find center to enter the conversation?

Insights from attending or planning major Quaker events

Any seasonal anniversaries to hold in the Light?

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