Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School Blessings: Coloring Outside the Lines - Tom Rawson & Friends

It's time again for RantWoman's annual back to School blessings!

But first a video

This video calls to mind kindergarten. RantWoman did not need to decide to color outside the lines. RantWoman did this naturally, at least at the beginning of the year.

RantWoman thinks she must have gotten new glasses mid year because she remembers dramatic improvement in her ability to color inside the lines probably after Christmas vacation.

Blessings to all kids who color outside the lines naturally and blessings that they find teachers who can nurture them as they are!

Particular blessings to kids when coloring outside the lines means help of some kind is needed; may that help be promptly forthcoming!

This video also reminds RantWoman why, even though birthday parties at school might have been fun, high school orchestra made RantWoman REALLY glad for a summer birthday. Orchestra tradition was that birthdays were feted by renditions of Happy Birthday in any key or no key. There are modern composers who would be VERY proud.

Blessings for everyone in high school now and everyone whose life looks much more tolerable long after high school!

Blessings for music and art programs and all the ways people learn, for the parents who listen to the practicing, and for the progress when people practice!

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