Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Carpet, Oh the Carpet

The Carpet, oh the Carpet.

How many meetings for worship with attendance to bizniz have gone astray due to questions of carpet?

WHO THE HELL CARES about anyone else's MfWwAB except the ones at RantWoman's Meeting? God/dess will have plenty to do just at RantWoman's Meeting.

RantWoman the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results.

Who ya talkin 'bout, RantWoman or those other...?

There are questions of carpet on the agenda, new carpet for the Worship Room.

This should be a great good thing. The old carpet has been removed and the plywood under it looks like plywood. God shows up anyway but RantWoman thinks God concurs that covering the plywood back up would be fine. There have been discussions of squares that could be rearranged when signs of wear appear on the most heavily travelled areas. There have been discussions about color. There have been discussions about sound absorption. All well and good and RantWoman has not felt strongly called to weigh in.

RantWoman admits she had options to participate in more up-close review but she opted to stay out of clamor and thus possibly missed chances already to comment. Hold that problem in the Light.

There is a nice prewritten report distributed with the Meeting materials. So WTF could possibly be out of place?

The pre-written report has 3 names on it and ONE recommendation. RantWoman admits to Bad friend reflexes about two names who historically proclaim how much fun they have had working together and yet miss important points....

RantWoman also perpetually has a drill-down reflex. RantWoman wants to see the data that went into the recommendation. RantWoman imagines a table with two or three alternative choices and a list of criteria / ratings that went into the recommendation.

The recommendation WOOL carpet.

One problem: RantMom is allergic to wool. RantMom does not have asthma attacks but after spending her youth raising sheep and sewing things for Colorado State Make it Yourself with Wool contests, RantMom now breaks out around wool. RantWoman does not really expect RantMom will be running around the worship room barefoot or rolling around on the floor. But it does occur to RantWoman to wonder whether anyone who might sleep on the floor of the worship room will have similar issues.

The first screen of search results for wool carpet allergy yielded completely contradictory articles about wool and allergies: either wool is very good for people with allergies or it harbors allergens worse than synthetic materials. RantWoman regrettably did not have time to read more critically of all these results and is unlikely to get anything read between now and Business Meeting.still, it does occur to RantWoman to want to know...

The other problem: when RantWoman put wool carpet allergy into the search engine of her choice, the first screen of search results helpfully also served up words of VOC's, Volatile Organic Compounds, like the glue sometimes used to install carpets or chemicals infused into the product during manufacture. So now RantWoman also wants to know what will go into the installation process and whether Friends will be expected to steep themselves in vile new carpet fumes for months after the installation. RantWoman herself does in fact get headaches in such situations, so inquiring minds want to know...

Bless us oh Lord and this the carpet. Bless us especially because RantWoman is seasoning calls about other items on the agenda as well....

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