Friday, July 1, 2016

Ramadan Kareem in time for Friday prayers

Part of RantWoman's daily Ramadan reflection has been general holding in the Light for Muslim extended families who RantWoman has seen gathering each evening in RantWoman's building.  RantWoman plans to be present in prayer but not in person as Seattle area mosques observe Jummaah, the last Friday prayers of Ramadan.

RantWoman is NOT proud of the following realities in the Seattle area:

".(in recent weeks) least four mosques (in Tacoma, Redmond, Northgate and Kent) ...  have received serious violent threats (one perpetrator has been arrested and is currently being charged) but many others remain anonymous and at-large. It hasn't been publicized but attendance at mosques (especially by women and children) has sharply decreased since these threats have been made. (The CAIR WA office)  has been urging many officials to make public statements against these threats but have come up short. This is one of the holiest months (Ramadan) for Muslims worldwide. It is a time when those in the community are most encouraged to go to prayers (especially evening prayers that start after sundown). Many in our local Muslim community have become discouraged and fearful.

RantWoman is grateful for local Friends with leadings and capacity to offer presence drawing on FCNL's #LoveThyNeighbor campaign.

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