Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dr. Ursula Franklin 1921-2016

For as much time as RantWoman has spent around the history of arms control and anti-nuclear weapons activism, RantWoman is ASTOUNDED that she has never heard of Dr. Ursula Franklin, that is until today when notice of her passing surfaced when RantWoman searched on Twitter for #quakers.

Dr. Franklin discovered that her own children's baby teeth contained strontium-90, an isotope found in the atmosphere because of above-ground nuclear testing. This discovery led to an international campaign to ban atmospheric nuclear testing.

"It was a little disconcerting because it was my teeth," her son, Martin Franklin, recounted. "I was seven or so at the time and while other children had the tooth fairy, mine were being tested for strontium-90."

CBC / Toronto Star Obit

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