Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pre-Annual Session Queries from NPYM Ministry and Oversight

Queries to help prepare for NPYM Annual Session 2012
What do I need to tend to (such as children’s needs) or set aside (such as nagging responsibilities) so that I can arrive calm, open hearted and expectant: fully present to the Spiritof God moving among us?

Is there some small spiritual practice in which I could engage that may help make me moretender to the leadings of God as they may present themselves? Sample ideas: daily silence, gratitude practice, reading the Bible or other sacred literature or sharing deeply with another traveler as I make my way to Tacoma.

How can I let go of the worldly ways of making decisions and come to Annual Session’s Meeting for Worship for Business with openness to “see what love can do?” With a theme of “Listening in Tongues” how can I prepare myself to seeing, feeling and hearing unaccustomed perspectives with the tenderness I would wish for my own?

Am I holding in Light those among us who have taken on special leadership roles at this time?

Am I open to the possibility that way may open for me to take on a role I had not yet imagined for myself? Am I alert to the gifts and leadings of others that I might encourage them to engagein ways that may, in turn, bring them gifts?

Query for those unable to attend in person
For those who are unable to attend in person, would I consider joining AS in spirit for Meeting for Worship, Wednesday evening and Sunday Morning, and holding myself and the Yearly Meeting in Light variously throughout the Annual Session? Have I shared with folks who are able to attend, my concerns and perspectives which might be important to the discussions atAnnual Session? Have I considered how my holding the Annual Session in Light provides an important positive intention which is, although physically distant, still an important way to participate in my yearly meeting?

Ministry and Oversight Committee

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