Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grace as Laugh Riot and Blindness Tourism

RantWoman has realized, rereading her reflection paper for the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference, that she kind of served up industrial-sized., poured from the fire hose Grace. In an effort, HOPEFULLY to present Grace in gentler nibbles, RantWoman reminds her readers of these two moments from her reflection paper for the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference.

May it all be done heartily unto the Lord, through the assistance of his Grace,

Faith healing with stalker vibe overlaid

May it all be done heartily unto the Lord, through the assistance of his Grace,
Faith healing with cigarette smoke at a bus stop

Recently RantWoman caused gales of laughter by speaking of the moments above in terms something like the following: "I have been (TALL) since I was about 10 or 11. I am also, cough, built like a linebacker. Pretty much no one used to mess with me on the street. That all changed when I needed to take up with Ambassador Thwack, the badly-behaved white cane. Now I am beset by all sorts of people who take the white cane as an invitation to rush up, grab the blind person and bless them. I really do not know what to do with all these blessings!"

RantWoman likes to laugh and laughter about endless "grab the blind person and bless them" moments is a great gift. Besides, the mirth-invoking moments are way gentler on the spirit than:

1. African American church lady toting an enormous Bible and tottering around on heels worthy of the glittery outfit she was also wearing. Tottery church lady stopped her car with headlights boring into RantWoman's maladjustable pupils in the dark; she thought RantWoman ought to feel blessed to be dragged into traffic in poor visibility by someone wearing black when the reason for everyone being in the location was a memorial for someone else's Death! RantWoman absolutely does have a whole bunch of new twitches about crossing the street, but she generally can handle it by herself just FINE THANK YOU. RantWoman felt blessed simply to be rendered speechless because if she had opened her mouth....

2, A couple people near and dear to RantWoman, people RantWoman generally reveres for their capcity to cling to their world views in spite of the slings and arrows of beings less endowed with rock-solid certitude. Certitude is nice about moral matters, but it is NOT NICE when the issue is dragging RantWoman across streets into traffic, discombobulating RantWoman's listening and split-second decisionmaking, expecting that the mere presence of Ambassador Thwack the Badly  behaved white cane will overcome a whole lot of scary physics, AND being ABSOLUTELY IMPERVIOUS to correction from RantWoman.

(For the record, this item is on RantWoman's faith-themed blog not only because it concerns matters of faith but also because it concerns matters of RantWoman's faith community. RantWoman believes the friend in question has FINALLY gotten the message; RantWoman is not in any hurry to try to go walking and test the issue.)

Oh wait, RantWoman is getting stuck, and fixated, and not knowing when to quit, so perhaps this is ENOUGH for today.

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