Sunday, July 8, 2012


RantWoman is charmed by this post about the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference,

RantWoman concurs with the thought that the acronym PNWQWTC is enough to make one sneeze!

RantWoman also appreciates this item about prayer and place

and this iteration of Patriarchal pronouncements about a certain punk band:

Readers will note RantWoman's continued circumlocutions about a certain band's name. RantWoman is not saintly enough to feel guilty when the work of the language professional requires her to utter vulgarities. RantWoman's speech patterns even ocasionally include vulgarities of RantWoman's own. But RantWoman must honor the fact that she is having trouble uttering the bad's name in public, in mixed company, even when reminded that it is perfectly acceptable to honor the band's own choices about what to call themselves. Perhaps someone could tell the Patriachate that they also have the option of such circumlocution.

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