Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grace Comes around again

...if by grace one means

--Stasa over, self-identified non-theist Quaker Pagan shwoing up at an event called "All God's Critters Got a place in the Choir" just as RantWoman was thinking about  a teensy bit of grumbling that maybe just maybe a few more theological polyglots, buddhists, Pagans, ..., would have enhanced the richness of this year's Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's theology conference.
--the aura of blessedness presumed to accompany permitting homeless men and women to sleep in the worship room at our Meeting

--RantWoman being given the Light to rhyme "discernment" with "ferment."

--No leading at all to apologize to Bill Staines for the parodic wording of "All God's creatures got a place on a committee" but  repeated acknowledgment and thanks for use of the tune.

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