Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday night at the gratitude bar

RantWoman offers gratitudes in no particular order.

This annual session's grammatical sponsors:

Official Part of Speech Sponsor: pronouns.

Official fulcrum of dialogue: adjectival inclusivity vs snapshot in time.
For comparison consider:
colored. Negro. African American. Person of Color.

In the category of "Accept Help Dammit," RantWoman wishes to express deep gratitude for

--Friends who followed RantWoman's orders and took the sidewalk instead of the grass on RantWoman's first night on campus. RantWoman is sublimely grateful to know the concrete path is there so that Mbassador Thwack can help her find the way back to her dorm in the dark.

--Friends who helped RantWoman figure out the card key reader so she could get into her dorm.

--Friends who have helped RantWoman read interest group lists, menus, condiment labels,  worship sharing guidelines and other daily necessities where RantWoman is finally learning just to borrow someone's eyes.

--Worship Sharing Group. As usual every day is a different combination of people. The guidelines suggest letting each Friend's offerings drop into a well of silence. The guidelines do not reckon with jet noise, construction, golf carts, prospective student tours, trbial gatherings of cheerleader students and aikido practitioners and various species of raucous birds. The offerings are wonderful. They drop into some kind of well. Silence is not the concept.

Words that MAY make it out of RantWoman's mouth in presence of the clerk: "Friend, if people younger than 60 have their hands up, would you consider calling on them first?" RantWoman realizes this may not be a popular sentiment. RantWoman has even heard the word ageism, but how on earth are people going to fill the weighty friend pipeline if they do not get a chance to practice? RantWoman is aware of going to another event in a different part of her life with similar frequent flier issues. Consistency is okay; RantWoman would like some variety. Please hold whichever problems rise from RantWoman rendering this paragraph in the Light.

Thank you NPYM site committee. How do you do it? Does every campus you sign a contract with just decide "Oh good, the Quakers are coming. Let's schedule some construction?"

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