Monday, July 17, 2017


Linguistic meanderings for the day

RantWoman Tweet of the week part of #nfb17 stream: Dear DPRK. Thank you for ratifying the Marrakesh Treaty about access to print materials for blind people. Now, about those missile tests. And hey US Senate....

Official Russian government translators seem to nail idiomatic English fairly consistently. The same cannot be said about the Iranian Foreign Ministry's translation of its condolence notice for the death of Maryam Marzakhani. Sigh

Only one of the intense moments in RantWoman's reading of the Sherman Alexie link cited in a recent post: Alexie's mother was one of the last fluent speakers of their tribe's ancestral language. But she would not teach him the language she always told him his world is in English.

A moment from Meeting for Business
RantWoman offered lengthy commentary.

The entire room rose.

OH GOOD. A standing ovation!

Okay, probably not but RantWoman has a vivid imagination.

Sometimes it helps.

Sometimes other things matter. Today, RantWoman is thinking that she would have been thrilled, THRILLED if some really basic due diligence questions on her mind had come out of someone else's mouth IN Business meeting as opposed to as a result of conversations after. RantWoman wonders whether it MIGHT be possible to make do with email.

Happy Monday all..

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