Tuesday, July 18, 2017

After The Memorial

Data gathered from email and conversations and held tenderly from Quaker Auntie's memorial.

There were 40 or so people at the memorial, quakers and students  / music colleagues. The piano pieces sounded like a wonderful selection.

Quaker Auntie at Oberlin had a longterm boyfriend. Longterm boyfriend was African American. They wanted to get married. This Just Was Not Done at the time. Instead Quaker Auntie wound up in a miserable marriage to an abusive jerk musician she met in Austria. That marriage did not last. The stories of both relationships make RantWoman very sad.

In the realm of Quakers Who Smoke, several people at the memorial spoke of Quaker Auntie's smoking. Little Sister claimed credit for teaching Quaker Auntie to stash her butts in a Sucrets box if there was no place easily to dispose of them. RantWoman omitted that moment from her narrative but is keenly glad that others also mentioned the smoking.

RantWoman and RantMom clucked afterward about the smoking probably contributing to the aneurysms that left Quaker Auntie unable to live alone for 20 years before her death. Quaker Auntie had no short-term memory but could still play music and could still learn new pieces. Quaker Auntie also had such a gift for connecting with people that she had a number of people in the picture tending faithfully to details to manage her situation the entire time. RantWoman was touched to hold a moment from when things started to fray. People responsibly stepped up and made needed changes.

The Still Didn't Get the Memo on Email Immoderation humbly notes that pasting the text of RantWoman's memorial offering into the email along with the Word document attachment was highly on point for the available technology and know-how of the recipients. RantWoman is VERY grateful for whatever editing occurred before the offering was read.

Blessings upon the memories!

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