Saturday, June 10, 2017

When The Little Quaker Book of De-Clutter Won't Cut it.

For Bad Friends when The Little Quaker Book of De-Clutter  won't quite cut it.

Warning: strong language and reference to bikinis.

RantWoman does not give a flying  ... if you are bored of accessibility matters moments:
1. The link above is to the Kindle eBook edition of the book. People who need p-p-print and cannot deal with monstrous global company or use their search engine are invited to call their library or ask a friend or visit their last remaining neighborhood bookseller.

2. A gee-whiz RantWoman item about Youtube keyboard controls
Info from other blog about YouTube Keyboard controls RantWoman, again does not give a flying ... about readers who find this information distracting, unnecessary, irrelevant... For RantWoman and many of her groupies the keyboard controls are MUCH easier to deal with than mouse functions.

3. Sighted readers who really need something visual to help herd them through spoken content. There is awesome Death by Powerpoint material in the background. RantWoman's screen reader does not read it and RantWoman's visual experience may or may not interact. Be grateful RantWoman did interact enough to call it to people's attention.

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