Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gratitudes of the Day / weekend

RantWoman needs to note today's gratitudes.

Melon gratitude: RantWoman allowed herself the terrifying indulgence last week when she had a ride home of buying a whole watermelon on tope of the whole cantaloupe ripening on her counter. By Saturday morning the cantaloupe smelled ripe enough to be tasty and went into the refrigerator. RantWoman's gratitude: RantWoman's transportation and transportation ingenuity on Saturday worked out brilliantly. Instead of acquiring some kind of potluck contribution on the way between one early afternoon meeting and an evening potluck, RantWoman got to go HOME and bless her potluck buddies with substantial quantities of melon, served ironically as appetizer because of all the other things to feast on at the potluck.

Shoe gratitude: RantWoman's cellulitis issues continue to improve substantially. Much less swelling. Much less but unfortunately not zero skin crustiness. RantWoman has been glad for a few days to be able to put socks on without nearly as much stress as before. Today it was SHOES. RantWoman was able to put on a lovely pair of tie oxfords that are new enough not to have the inside of the heels worn out. The shoes are still too stiff to wear very long so RantWoman had to change back into the sandals she has been wearing. Oh well.

Rant Gratitudes: RantWoman gets to be grateful, in extreme peculiar gratitude mode for three opportunities to rant about things to do with disability and electronic communication, opportunities that need more time and focus than RantWoman is going to get to ahead of other things also in queue. Bless us oh Lord and all this abundance.

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