Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We Stand With Our Muslim Neighbors and / or clean a refrigerator

RantWoman comments on the We Stand With Our Muslim Neighbors #counterQACTHate event and that other #MarchAgainstSharia thing.

RantWoman offers these wonderful pictures with great appreciation to South Seattle Friends for making the banner.

We Stand with our Muslim Neighbors signs
Quakers for Peace and Justice Banner

RantWoman unapologetically reprints these pictures without asking because they were taken at a public event likely to have been photographed by heaven knows who else.

Two smiling Quakers

RantWoman mostly just did not get her act together to get out the door in time to attend herself. RantWoman begs indulgence for additional reasons:

--RantWoman spent some time, not very much, but a little familiarizing herself with the lines of thinking propounded by those other people who rallied at City Hall Plaza. RantWoman could find NOTHING in their literature she found agreeable. RantWoman wonders why the Seattle Times article she saw quoted representative after representative of the group and found not a word for the We Stand with Our Muslim Neighbors voices who had such wonderful talking points. RantWoman thanks KUOW for doing a much better job in this regard.

More Quakers more signs

--RantWoman candidly feels absolutely no moral imperative to be as fearless about demonstrations as Blind Roommate was in college. This is only one of RantWoman's efforts to liberate herself of expectations about being Wonder Blind Person.

--RantWoman also found herself energized enough to FINALLY round up and ship out some terrifying science projects that had lingered LONG in RantWoman's refrigerator.

--RantWoman was charmed and amused by accounts of glitter and silly string, appalled by someone who was seen with a gun, and just peeved by the people who after the event was winding down thought having a colossal brawl in Occidental Park would be the perfect way to send a message of peace and law to the world.

Blessed Ramadan to all who observe, again.

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