Thursday, August 4, 2016

Still more carpet light: evening, with room lighting

Now a break from...

NEVER MIND all of what this is a break from!

The midweek worship ministry of fiddling with carpet samples recommends that some of the eyes being applied to the carpet discernment do so under different lighting conditions.

RantWoman was surprised about how much clearer her preference was when tested at dusk with room lighting than during a sunny day.

Unfortunately the sunny day issue and the prevalence of really crappy grey days in the wintertime causes RantWoman to recommend that some consideration be applied to weather variability.

RantWoman's  thoughts about light vs dark colors in acute conflict with thoughts about darker colors perhaps showing dirt less. RantWoman thinks dark walls and dark chairs will be oppressive if the carpet is too dark.

Bless us oh Lord as RantWoman drops these pebbles into the well of further Facilities discernment.

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