Saturday, August 13, 2016

Align Press Unzip?

RantWoman and Ambassador Thwack her anger management consultant have been having conversations in the thematic vicinity of He Who Should NEVER Be President.

One of the conversations involved a tweet mentioning both the NRA and assault weapons.

Ambassador Thwack keeps suggesting that RantWoman needs to "Hold onto (her) Lily White Butt."

Hello! Ambassador Thwack is supposed to be the Anger Management COACH. Holy Jesus!

Yes and it's not just the tweets.

RantWoman has been listening to the "...founded ISIS .." chatter and wondering what kind of to-do list would include ...
--briefing from the National Security Council
--co-found vile disgusting amoral terrorist organization...

Oh, and Ambassador Thwack goes "Bleccch" every time RantWoman watches another Putin interview.

The other problem is that if Ambassador Thwack is going to say such things, RantWoman needs at LEAST properly to properly attribute the "...lily white butt.."  quote to Keegan Michael Key, aka Luther President Obama's Anger Translator.

On the way to proper attribution, via the search string

Keegan Michael Key Luther

RantWoman knowingly voluntarily indulged in a bit of a Key and Peele binge watch, something she had never before tried. Time definitely well spent though RantWoman now also has a headache too.

with each episode punctuated by unending exhortations Always to Keep Tide Pods away from Children. ... Align Press and Unzip. (trademark designations intended)

RantWoman as a good linguist is especially charmed by the vocabulary section of the website but will be stepping away from the keyboard briefly for a ratatouille break.

Bless us oh lord and ...

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