Sunday, October 17, 2021


 RantWoman, think of foot washing. Just THINK of it. Thinking of it worked for me.

RantWoman and a merry band of mostly Quaker Bible scholars have been amblings through the gospels of Mark and John, but the "think of footwashing" advice came from a different direction.


(Please note: RantWoman has decided to go image-free. Readers who need images are invited to use their imaginations.)

Will anyone even know what it refers to? 

Let Dr. Internet 'splain: I give you NCPedia The practice does not occur only in the South

But I'm NOT Jesus. Besides what if they just think "yuck, gross, weird? Besides it's the 21st century and around here most of us have modern plumbinc."

So, what if I just get them all pedicures instead? Wait. Noxious chemicals. Economically precarious immigrant labor? Ummmm

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