Sunday, October 24, 2021

Election Discernment and one Friend on Serving Outside the Quaker Community

RantWoman is trying to Deal With the upcoming local elections from a position of centered discernment while also trying to stay clear of anything that might smack of theocracy. Well, of course God IS telling rantwoman... Anyway, RantWoman seeks a path through the late race barrage of negativity in several directions. This latter is worse because it tends to show up in RantWoman's snail mail box as glossy foul-smelling PAPER, some of which RantWoman does not even try to read.

For anyone who follows the Port Commission and especially for anyone who wonders what the heck the Port Commission is big shout out because the phrase "Port Commission Candidates' Forum" in RantWoman yields better material than in the typical voters' pamphlet.

As for City of Seattle races, RantWoman wants there to be good dialogue and functional government. For awhile RantWoman considered several options to game her thinking. For now though, RantWoman is all about just vote how she feels and figure some of the people she votes for may lose and trust that dialogue will ensue from voters' choices.

As for voices of people of Color and in particular Quakers of Color, RantWoman invites Friends to consider:

For another view, Recent Trevor Noah with Ta Nehisi Coates

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