Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Should you need a boxwood oboe

One of the gifts of surfing the internet in connection with the memorial for RantWomans beloved Quaker Honorary Auntie  has been other family connections reconnected.

RantWoman thanks the interwebs, a name and a musical instrument in a search bar, her options for accessibility tools, and the delivery of content in forms that RantWoman with her accessibility tools can interact with. RantWoman does not...whether other more poetic people are bored of RantWoman's paeans to #accessibility #a11y and insistence on including horrible hashtags in texts to be read by people who probably do not care about hashtags. Cope! And then enjoy the musical thoughts.

RantWoman celebrates the anniversary of RantDad's passing with a recommendation for a wonderful musician, craftsman, and mentee of RantDad's.

Ken Decker Oboe Builder and Repair

RantDad's mentee is also a vegan, in case that matters.

RantWoman also celebrates the fact that another previous internet mention of RantDad can still be found using two performers' last names and the name of a moderately obscure French composer
IDRS record of the Lalliet woodwind trio

Rantwoman promises--for NOW--to forego needed riffs on libraries and electronic futures and the question of how to value the availability of esoteric info of great historical and ongoing interest to a small number of people. RantWoman promise to forego this for now only because she is certain the universe is entitled to riffs on similar themes related to her Meeting's library and a certain discernment process getting off to a, cough, bumpy start. RantWoman has a bit of a wacky project management internet archiving idea which is WAY ahead of things as far as said discernment process, bbuut still...

RantWoman humbly thanks  Honorary Auntie for helping RantWoman grow the patience to stay present with the problem. RantWoman is also meditating about how a couple of her biggest Quaker influences were Quakers presences in other important parts of RantWoman's life, more so than apostles for Quaker worship or Quaker structures. This is a good thing because who knows how things would have turned out if Honorary Auntie, a profoundly gifted pianist had lived in the intolerant era when Quakers were read out of Meeting for owning pianos.

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