Saturday, August 25, 2012

Morning Moral Uplift 2: Just add Sex

RantWoman has been inspired by this item about sex as the key to notice in the world of publishing.

More on that (vulgarity) Riot Band
--Who SAYS caring about feminism and gay rights means Christianity is under attack?. At least in the US there are many committed Christians in the US who think supporting both reflects the height of Christianity.
--Virgin / Whore. Virgin / Whore down to the female judge primly lecturing the defendants about their "blasphemous" intent. What kind of wimpy God are people talking about if God cannot handle people's heartfelt concerns for their country?
--RantWoman is not impressed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin calling Madonna a slut all over Twitter for her support of the band. RantWoman supposes that Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin should be a better man than to need to beat up on a woman, no matter how low his opinion of her. More to the point: he's the Deputy Prime Minister. He should be able to do better than name-calling!
--RantWoman is delighted with the bilingual pun on the band's name on a T-shirt. Sure, make them do time.

On a more serious note, another of those RantWoma nis interested in further reading but may or may not get more read than...

Readers wondering how all this passes for moral uplift get only to compare notes with yesterday. Yesterday RantWoman made it through her first whole Psalm in Braille since breaking her arm. Reading Braille like a whole lot of other things is hard for RantWoman to do left-handed. RantWoman has tried a couple other Psalms since getting a shorter cast with more liberty for fingers but something else just got too painful within a sentence or two. Cue Psalm 137, a short one but one htat ends in the RSV with something about God slamming children against walls if parents forget his name. RantWoman was absolutely BLESSED to find yesterday's moral uplift item in her blog roll.

Today RantWoman skipped the Psalm. See what happens?

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