Friday, August 3, 2012

NPYM 2012 Epistle: News and Not News

Epistles are one of RantWoman's favorit  forms of Quaker Extreme writing. By Extreme Writing, RantWoman means summoning the Holy Spirit and some Friends of good will and uneven temperament and demanding that specific quantities of contenet emerge on tight timelines. RantWoman's experience is that  this combination usually delivers. This year at NPYM Annual Session RantWoman  and her broken arm practiced Worship Lethargy instead of Worship Discussion; instead of the Daily Bulletin RantWoman was also led to visit herself upon and specifically to uphold  the labors of  the official Epistle Committee.

RantWoman is blessed to have delivered into the Epistle a small number of words some Friends might take for granted:

....opened out of Silent Worship...

...endorsed FCNL's call...opportunity to cut the defense budget TAKE ACTION DURING THE LAME DUCK CONGRESSIONAL SESSION after the November 2012. elections...

RantWoman does not remember the exact wording about cutting the defense budget. Quakers want to cut the defense budget? Probably not news! Quakers see aspecific opportunity on a specific timeline. DEFINITELY NEWS! RanWoman finds herself unbelievably energized by Annual Session's prompt endorsement of action meant to address circumstances on a specific timeline!

For more on the FCNL campaign,

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