Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Transformative Power of Silence

RantWoman is REALLY not doing well about staying on task. This is unfortunate because she really, really needs to accomplish some VERY simple tasks. But first, she must note, hopefully for future reference a new book being discussed on the radio, Anne LeClaire: Listening Below the Noise: the Transformative power of Silence

RantWoman is interested in the book based on the author interview at . However, RantWoman notes crabbily that the author is not distributing the book with audio enabled, a separate accessibility step. This oversight makes it less likely that RantWoman herself will plunk down cash to interact with the book though RantWoman might still greatly appreciate book digestion from an interested Friend.

Also mentioned in context of women especially needing respite, okay by a female author so RantWoman supposes interestd men should consider an invitation to weigh in: Anne Morrow Lindbergh The Gift From The Sea

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