Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Foundation Fellowship International Gathering

If Friends in RantWoman's orbit have been feeling a strong but hitherto unexplained leading to visit Lander WY, perhaps the reason is the following international gathering sponsored by the New Foundation Fellowship:


Announcing an International Gathering, July 12-16, 2010, Sinks Canyon Center near Lander, Wyoming, USA.
A Faith That Transforms: The Message and Experience of the Early Friends.
Come and experience the life-transforming power of being gathered and led by Christ Jesus.

RantWoman notes that living conditions are spartan and travel arduous. RantWoman for instance would not even try to stop by on the way to NPYM Annual Session in Missoula. However, Friends who really want to be there and can handle the travel costs and register early will pay only $50 for 4 days.

RantWoman has never heard of the New Foundation Fellowship and is decidedly not used to thinking of Lander WY as a hub for much of anything, let alone a Quaker gathering. Hence the resort to the search engine of choice. Here are a couple items turned up by Google

a blog entry by Martin Kelley with a link to a very geographically dispersed Meeting based out of Virginia.


A very brief Wikipedia entry referring to George Fox and Christian Quakers:


RantWoman imagines there are people this very event might speak deeply to. Hence this post.

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