Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bible in Accessible formats

RantWoman is going to assume for the present that people reading this entry either already understand some of the blindness-related buzzwords herein or can go look them up their own dang selves. RantWoman herself does not even understand the importance of some of the arcana listed but that does not stop RantWoman from posting.

RantWoman hereby collects assorted ways to get the Bible in accessible formats. RantWoman will dump out Quaker bookmarks in a separate entry at some point.
Downloadable files. Lots of format minutia which also means lots of detail about what formats work with what tools.
Searchable, multiple versions accessible. Plays well with RantWoman's screen reader.
charming info for readers like RantWoman who have neither the patience, the Braille fluency nor the funds for some of those spiffy Braille devices, this site includes helpful info such as one version of the Bible requires 60 inches of shelf space.

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