Thursday, October 12, 2017

Message Count

RantWoman had thought of letting the Still Didn't Get the Memo Committee on Email Immoderation distribute these thoughts first as a listening comprehension test to see what others remember but RantWoman is clear that the world is bloody well entitled to what is on her mind. RantWoman admits to being self-absorbed and omitting a lot of Business Meeting content except for her offerings and two offerings out of closing worship after Meeting for Business.

Alert readers may note a gap and a Meeting for Business uncommented. Stay tuned.

Message Inventory:

Message near beginning of worship. RantWoman remembers little except it was a nice message RantWoman could sometimes have found something to quibble with..

Message late enough into worship to bump against the start of Business Meeting: something about why can't people just forgive...?

RantWoman thought bubbles:

--Cue senzenina? See post from awhile ago.

--Forgive in one's head is fine, but the body remembers. RantWoman has been having moments of body remembering and body remembering in ways that words are needed.

Or RantWoman thinks words are needed but apparently not in worship.

Opening worship for Business Meeting with passage from new Faith and Practice about community.

More worship.

RantWoman rose with a message from the Gospel according to public transportation.
After action reviews: two members of pastoral care committees did not find God there. One Friend who also does centered ministry in the public realm got RantWoman's point immediately. A young Friend grasped one of RantWoman's auxiliary points with stunning clarity and in stronger language than RantWoman herself would probably use. Did RantWoman mention, one of those not getting was, should anyone be surprised, I'm not Interested in Your Thought Processes Friend? 

Various items of Business including an item where Ricardo the economist put in an appearance. RantWoman as a member of the committee drafting the item offered short explanation of a technical point. A dilemma rooted in Ricardo prevailed for now. Ricardo rarely puts in an appearance in Business Meeting and perhaps such appearance is, in its own way an occasion for celebration.

An item about staff reorganization and possibility of severance package. RantWoman is ambivalent about shape of proposed staff reorganization but definitely thinks the severance issue is long overdue. If Meeting pays people and counts housing as part of their compensation, it makes sense at least to RantWoman also to plan financially for people's need to find new housing when they moved out,.

Item where RantWoman presented first reading of a nomination. Uncontroversial.

Minutes where an item deserves its own rant and RantWoman is seasoning whether just to do a wikileaks scale dump from email. RantWoman thanks Second Pastoral Care Committee Friend for eliciting clarity about one piece of picture. RantWoman expects that the direction of RantWoman's clarity is not said Friend's intent. RantWoman is called to be faithful to her Light.

Closing Worship:

Little Sister needs to be held in the Light. Again. Still.

One Friend hears spiritual stiffness.

One friend is experiencing spiritual awakenings through yoga.

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