Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nutella Kale Neighborliness North Korea

This message being composed under the influence of Nutella and breakfast oatmeal. RantWoman cannot rule out the possibility that rather than unmitigated experience of the divine this intersection of God and gluttony simply reflects an overdose of sugar, chocolate, fat and fiber.

RantWoman meant to compose gratitudes yesterday., These are leftover gratitudes along with a fresh morning delivery via NPR and the Queen of Spades purring on RntWoman's shoulder.

Nutella. Need RantWoman say more?

Two Russian kale plants brought home from RantWoman's beloved potluck group.

Pot big enough, RantWoman whope to hold full-grown Russian Kale plants.
The temerity to commit small-scale civil disobedience and grow Russian kale plants on the balcony across RantWoman's hall. True there is risk a favority neighbor might adopt a plant in support of weekly visits from their extended family, but RantWoman can live with that level of neighborliness.

A sign RanWoman saw on her way home. RantWoman’s phone refused to cooperate about photographic documentation but the sign said in English, Spanish and Arabic, No Matter where you are from, we are glad to have you as our neighbor.

Okay, RantWoman KNOWS this is a weird one,but:  N Korea, that weird geopolitical lubricant between counterposed empires. Nothing to make it famous except nukes and rocket tests. And a dictator with weird hair, an exhausting political ideology and an economic system that leaves people on the brink of starvation even without sanctions for excessive militarism.
But wait. Is North Korea behind the Wanna Cry malware now causing global vexation for people and organizations still running XP and people who for various reasons do not fly to install every Windows upgrade that comes along?

Is WannaCry a mutant reproduction of some cybernetic DNA dribbling into the wild from the NSA? Is it some kind of guerilla effort to map places still running XP?

OR is WannaCry just some wacko way of observing Global Accessibility Awareness Day because it gives RantWoman the opportunity to rant about accessibility: not breaking some or another accessibility issue is a very big reason but not the only one that large organizations do not rush to install every update emanating from the great Redmond software giant.

Despite the scale of the vexation, how malicious is it? It is easily disabled. Few people have made the requested Bitcoin payments and the Bitcoin payment path is easily trackable.

Is it at least better than missile tests? THINK of all the disruption and at bargain rates. The British NHS. The Chinese government. The body that administers driver's licenses in the Russian Federation... WAY better than missile tests!

To top things off, here's the latest deal offered by the Queen of S[aces: I will scratch your legs after breakfast. I will bite and scratch when you accidentally pet my ouchy spots. Bot don't worry I will protect you from N Korea.

Um CAT, don't you have some pigeons to chase on the window ledge or something?

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