Friday, May 5, 2017

Guns Spirits Gratitudes

“…guns in my head and they won’t go. Spirits in my head and they won’t go…”

Oh HELL, if RantWoman has an earworm wriggling, just post the topical video. Do not fret TOO much or overanalyze or …; just let the performance speak to one’s condition.


 Now to the matter at hand: gratitude, or gratitude as served up around Planet RantWoman:

 RantWoman considers the discipline of gratitude a great good thing, most of the time, except when RantWoman is seasoning  possibility of needing to be grateful for overabundance of things to howl and yowl about. Hold the overabundance in the Light. Decide whether or not it would be a blessing for RantWoman to fill the interwebs with her current list.


Gratitudes of the day:

 Speaking of overabundance, even though it is several days past Blogging Against Disableism Day, #Badd2017 , RantWoman still has PLENTY to say.

 RantWoman has a wonderful comparatively large jar of ground cumin. RantWoman had not been able to locate it in her cupboard for several weeks. RantWoman is grateful to have found the jar while moving things on her counter. #cookingwhileblind.

 Despite the best efforts of not one but TWO bicyclists, RantWoman managed to avoid subjecting said bicyclists to more physics experiments than they were counting on. One was just riding without any kind of bell near a bus stop in one of Seattle’s new (Annoying as …) protected bike lanes  in a direction RantWoman had not been expecting bicyclists. Now RantWoman gets to be grateful she knows to expect bicyclists coming from that direction. The second executed a right turn right in front of RantWoman as RantWoman was crossing a street WITH THE LIGHT. Bicyclist almost got caught on Ambassador Thwack. RantWoman is not sufficiently grateful that Clueless Bicyclist did not splatter himself all over that pavement, but RantWoman is at least grateful she did not need to hang around and deal with PAPERWORK.

 RantWoman was nowhere near any of THREE gun incidents in her ‘hood in the last several days. If RantWoman needs things that sound like gunfire, though, RantWoman gets to remind herself to be grateful for the model of Accessible Pedestrian signal installed on the corner nearest her abode.

Two of the three gun incidents occurred near favorit RantWoman calorie hazards. RantWoman is supposed to be grateful to be spared the temptations to visit said calorie hazards. RantWoman is grateful to be resourceful about calorie hazards in other parts of town if calories are needed during the height of police crime scene investigation.

RantWoman visited one of the crime scenes the next day, partly out of commercial neighborhood solidarity and partly because RantWoman wanted specific favorite calorie options. RantWoman is grateful the business was operating at its usual level of funkiness and that there was nothing left over from the night before to gawk at in the parking lot.

“…spirits in my head and they won’t go…”
Obligatory  Quaker  Mystical experiences?
An increment of time winnowing a list of mental health provider optionss?
Reminder just to shut up and listen to music sometimes?
All of the above!

There. Now please appreciate RantWoman’s gratitudes and RantWoman will resume her efforts at spiritual housekeeping.



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