Tuesday, December 6, 2016

In Bed, Shot by a jealous lover

Off -Color Jokes Friend said a number of times that she hoped to die in bed shot by a jealous lover. Her husband passed away several years ago, and RantWoman has little info about any possible Jealous Lover candidates.

Off-Color Jokes Friend has been slowly fading away for a number of years, shrinking in height, seeing and hearing less and less, till the best way of greeting her was just to reach and hold her hand for a few minutes. Even then her eyes still sparkled as this sweet little old lady presence came up with some or another joke.

If you want to remember Off-Color Jokes Friend, ask RantWoman for instance in person whether she can reconstruct the joke whose punch line is "...but I had to mow the lawn."  NO PROMISES, which is one reason there is no spoiler alert.

Off-Color Jokes Friend's passing was announced during Joys and Sorrows last First Day. There is a memorial pending. RantWoman does not imagine her passing was as dramatic as Off-Color Jokes Friend hoped.

Off-Color Jokes Friend was one of two committee members twice RantWoman's age when RantWoman was clerk of Peace and Social Concerns committee during a certain 1999 Trade Ministerial. She also was one of several elderly women with macular degeneration who have all passed away since RantWoman compiled her list of 13 names in her Meeting suffering some kind of severe vision deterioration.

RantWoman will miss Off-Color Jokes Friend.

RantWoman is also deeply grateful for all the Friends who helped bring Off-Color Jokes Friend to Meeting so that RantWoman did not have to brave long bus rides to see Off-Color Jokes Friend in person.

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