Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hanukkah Overabundance: Poopy Diaper Problems

Peculiar Gratitude of the Day: "Poopy diaper problems!"

A long deceased member of RantWoman's Meeting, Rock-Climbing Octogenarian was very fond of babies. However when the babies started to cry or developed baby realities like poopy diapers, they got summarily handed back to their parents with a cheery "She's Yours!"  RantWoman has been told that her maternal grandmother had a similar policy about behavior issues. Heck even RantWoman has been known to quip that one thing about being Auntie is that one gets to Give the Kid Back sometimes.

RantWoman has been staring into the coming Trumpling whirlwind and lo, similar Light has flashed in the middle of the vortex. There are just some problems where as long as a certain party is in charge, "She's YOURS" is the perfect place to start policy conversations:

--The Flint MI lead poisoning water crisis caused by republican emergency managers trying to save money: She's YOURS. Now YOU fix it. RantWoman actually finds herself dizzy with the thought that this point did not come up in a certain campaign...

--The education system and a certain billionaires cabinet nominee who has no previous connection to public schools: just imagine if the public schools had as many resources as all your team's private schools have per student. Imagine the results....Now, it's Yours to FIX... (RantWoman means to keep this idea on a very short leash, but...)

And Hanukkah worthy Fare:
Fish soft Taco and Sweet Potato Mexi Fries (tm)

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