Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Worry Sisters League

The Worry Sisters' League is (choose one or more as led):

1. Something that really, really definitely needs to exist even though it does not yet have a formal charter.

2. As with Friends who consistently answer a different but somewhat similar sounding question to the one asked, also symptom of uneven but collective hearing lost, aural befuddlement, the inadequacy of  individualized hearing assistance solutions of varying cost and technological sophistication , and a Sign From GAWD Almighty that RantWoman's Meeting maybe should again think about the question of a movable mic system to enrich the community at Adult Religious Education.

3. In context of a presentation about Bayard Rustin, a reference to antimilitarist heroes War Resisters League  .
Shameless plug: RantWoman is thrilled to run across may resources she will revisit including some excellent antiwar swag (nothing hivis, sigh). RantWoman will try not to have a temper tantrum about the lack of materials available in electronic format. Instead RantWoman will be very glad to read that training materials have been translated into a number of other languages.

RantWoman will also put on her must-do list to mumble and inquire about whether or not the US ratifying the Marrakech treaty might have anything to do with making materials available in electronic format, but what is a day without something for RantWoman to rant and ramble about.

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