Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Birthday RantDad: Have some nice Bassoon Quartets!

Happy Birthday RantDad. RantDad would be 82 today. RantWoman is fondly remembering being able to surprise him with a visit on his 60th birthday, his last. Today RantWoman celebrates the music continuing.

RantWoman also takes note, it is the first Sunday of Advent. RantWoman really does not care whether other Quakers keep that celebration or not; it is important in the cycle of RantWoman's attention to matters spiritual.

RantWoman thought of marking this year's temporal coincidence with some nice Christmas music for bassoon quartet. However, the internet served up a bassoon quartet who play together just for the exuberant joy of playing together. The Boulder Bassoon Quartet tours all over Colorado and even has an album; RantWoman suggests using your search engine of choice for ordering information.

Keep listening for a Contrabassoon quartet and MUCH more irreverent bassoon esoterica.

RantWoman also awards honorable or dishonorable mention for both making rantWoman laugh and going just a little too far for a RantDad remembrance
Rainn Wilson, The Basson King performs on Stven Colbert

Plu, here's a book for the mean-to-read list if only because of all the threads lumped together after the colon in the title
Rainn Wilson's book The Bassoon King: my Life in Art Faith and Idiocy

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