Saturday, October 29, 2016

Water is Life!

Protest Curmudgeon showed up at this afternoon's Stand with the Protectors of Standing Rock occasion at Westlake Plaza.  #NoDAPL

Protest Curmudgeon was hoping for prayerful presence. Protest Curmudgeon took note of many presumably native faces and fewer of the usual protest suspects from RantWoman's corners of the world.

Protest Curmudgeon spent a whole lot of time wishing the sound system worked better.

Protest Curmudgeon's other main activity: trying not to step on exuberant children embodying Brownian motion. RantWoman is glad of children; she just continues to prefer not to step on them.

After not very long, Protest Curmudgeon opted for...SHOE SHOPPING. Protest Curmudgeon just was not getting anywhere with Prayerful Presence.

Protest Curmudgeon requires that footwear fit; Protest Curmudgeon also prefers at least a little daylight between her look and "Your mother wears Army Boots."

Protest Curmudgeon Listened to the Water is Life chants; Protest Curmudgeon contemplated the summer sandal closeout sandals, none of which would have fit RantWoman anyway, but there is also the small matter of RAIN.

Sure, Water is Life

And this is Seattle.

RantWoman aims to keep her feet both warm and dry! And no, just getting RantWoman the right footwear will not chill her out about urgent concerns.

Water is Life, indeed.

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