Saturday, October 15, 2016

Matters PRINT

Good News and Bad News in the realm of Quaker / general PRINT and the library at RantWoman's Meeting.

The Good News: an email exchange involving the phrases large Print Bible and Amazon. As with everything to do with Amazon, RantWoman is never 100% confident that what will arrive is workable, but RantWoman is happy enough to send off a couple comments and will be grateful for
whatever emerges.

The other news, the RantWoman can you possibly go a single day without something to gripe about?" moment.

This item from the weekly bulletin:
"Take a break from the daily bustle and noise: a chance to spend a Saturday morning with Friends and a Pendle Hill pamphlet, *Saturday, October 15 from 10 am - 1 pm*.  We will meet in the social hall and pick a pamphlet from the wide selection on hand.  Read. - Discuss with Friends, and Eat potluck lunch together."

This event occurs periodically, usually on the third Saturday of a month. No matter how much RantWoman might LIKE to spend time with her community in this way. RantWoman has a standing conflict. So far this has meant RantWoman has passed up the opportunity to fly into a lather
about assumptions that everyone will either read PRINT, download some very early pamphlets that are free online, or pay to order the dang pamphlet electronically as a PDF. Stay tuned for RantWoman's leading to expand an understanding of "library."

Please hold all involved in the Light.

And if things go REALLY well, RantWoman will consider reading with earbuds in public something RantWoman HATES and only puts up with when feeling terribly accommodating.

Hold All Involved in the Light, and if anyone else wants to listen to a pamphlet read iwtih a mechanical voice at squirrels on steroids speeds, consider this an invitation, a fabulous blindness tourism opportunity....

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