Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Epiphany: Wise men? Preschoolers? Oboe students?

Pattern Brain is at it again.

Remember Eye Roller Friend, the Friend with the ministry of Audible eye rolling, usually offered as nonverbal commentary on other Friends' vocal ministry. The noise distresses many; as if RantWoman were not already distressing Friends sufficiently, RantWoman continues to consider this peculiar ministry a valid accessibility measure.. RantWoman is pretty sure lots of people roll their eyes sometimes in Meeting for Worship. RantWoman appreciates knowing the identity of at least one when the audible eye-rolling occurs. This is not an opinion about whether audible eye-rolling is the most effective mode of communication or a manifestation of entirely centered worship. Come on, this is RantWoman.

Eye Roller Friend has of late subsided somewhat, but RantWoman observes that he still erupts. Occasionally. He tends to erupt in connection with messages from particular individuals. In connection with RantWomans efforts to TRY for ministry of talking TO rahter than talking ABOUT, RantWoman has a time or two, with varying success suggested that Eye Roller Friend try to assemble his words and have conversations with the people who evoke his particular audible ministry. RantWoman is hearing a call to do that again.

Along the way, RantWoman got to some serious Enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a Child reflections. Hold on for the ride. RantWoman PROMISES to get there.

Some of this probably would do better as Talking TO rather than Talking ABOUT, but there are too many ways for that to go awry one on one, email blockages, pouty hangups..Then there would be past references to poor mentoring and someone Rantwoman will refer to as "So Out of Order Friend, one of a couple voices who seems to think no one needs to talk directly to RantWoman. (Be advised: RantWoman is aware of some stuck moments hwere if she opens her mouth even the least bit carelessly, NOTHING good will come out. See what RantWoman means about needing the help of God and the whole internet and maybe the space aliens.)

Then there are all the joys of RantWoman's charming personality. RantWoman is seasoning a couple Russian novel chapters on email alone, not to mention another chapter on something from a now out-of-date announcement.

Anyway, RantWoman needs the help of God and the whole entire internet and possibly some space aliens. So it's on the blog.

The conversation RantWoman imagines

"Can I talk to you?"

"Yes, you are standing here talking to me so apparently you are able to talk to me. Would you like to rephrase your request?" (Yep, RantWoman's inner Grammar Nazi would have shown up here too; MAYBE a gentler correction would have emerged, but the talking about conversation RantWoman was part of headed for the kind of conflict management that is age-appropriate around preschoolers.

Okayyyy, if preschoolers are what is wanted, how about a very large slightly overgrown one that is LONG overdue for some serious tantrums?

And we won't even talk about all the experience between the overdue for tantrums and today?

Uhhh, could we maybe try a different age group?

You mean like the snot-nosed twits from seventh grade whom RantWoman after awhile just ignored because they were not going to talk to RantWoman anyway? Or the chick RantWoman remembers whose interaction options were:

"Wanna fight?" No.

"Wanna smoke weed?" Not particularly. (RantWoman now laments that it never occurred to her to ask, say, "Wanna do some honework?")

Uhhhh, another age group perhaps?

RantWoman drank coffee. RantWoman wandered about assembling necessities for a vision collage.
RantWoman made a vision collage, helped clean up and got on a bus.

God rattled around on the bus for awhile:

..enter the kingdom of heaven like a child...

..oboe students...

Oboe students? Oboe students who have to be showing promise just to show up at the RantFamily household at 8 am on Saturdays after having driven in from some outlying hamlet. Oboe students who do not even get signed up to be oboe students unless they are already promising and so what if the 8 am rounds sometimes evoke the line about "an ill wind that no one blows good."

Yeah. Those Oboe students...

RantWoman I thought we were talking about preschoolers.
...who might become oboe students?

Preschoolers in the at least it's something school of conflict handling? And something is better than nothing and ...

Preschoolers, even overgrown preschoolers in a sandbox working with Enter the kingdom of God like a child.

Yeah, okay. Start there. Maybe start with the sandbox and let the Kingdom of God work itself out... Look! See what the 3 wise men brought....Now where to start....

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