Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Epiphany: Three wise men; three or so words

Cantankerous beasts and lack of clarity, visual and otherwise: RantWoman attempts a three words exercise:

Three wise men on camels

Fast sorts on end / bbeginning of year exercises including:

My three words, after Chris Brogan:
Example from Robin Mohr who certainly blogs more cleanly than RantWoman

RantWoman is massaging her word list but so far:

--True. True to myself. True to my Light, even when sometimes inconvenient or uncomfortable to myself and / or to others.

--Faithful: faithful to calling even when difficult. Unclear why this is not just True, but forgiving, Frank?

--Steady: also unclear why just faithful will not work, but thinking it has to do with refuge in God, attentive, realistic about lmits, limitations, mine and others.

True as in cannot stick to count and have trouble staying in boundaries, within scope:
Further candidate words: COPE, Forebearance, some word noodles about forgiveness and reconciliation and cycles of same. Maybe this last belongs with steady.

True as in:
Top ten lists: RantWoman received two top 10 lists, voices from other members of the WA Council of the Blind. Each list had 10 items. Each item was less than one line long. RantWoman was inspired to make a list.

--Some of RantWoman's list overlapped with other people.

--RantWoman's list has 14 or 15 items not just 10.

--Most of the items had at least a couple lines of explanation and expansion.

--RantWoman included both people from "that other blind consumer organization" and points reflecting other disabilities besides blindness.

True as in tension between brevity and expansion.
--Think Dostoevsky transmitted by Twitter. Crime and Punishment: Pawnbroker whacked. Perp Tracked. God Unpacked.
--Or maybe not.

True as in called to have a whole multi-layered tantrum about something in recent Meeting life that gets its own post. True to sit with tantrum and see how strands weave with others EVEN THOUGH the weaving connects one strand at a time with different people and almost no one needs to have quite the multilayered fit RantWoman has.

True and faithful as in able to have MANY conversations about a recent Blind couple in the news meme.
Steady as in slowly keep moving small pieces until results add up larger than first imagined. Steady as in RantWoman had a recent visit to her ophtalmologist and again felt possible absurd delight about a certain sidewalk.

Steady as in knowing when to quit, for once, at least for now.

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