Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hashtags of the Week

RantWoman MIGHT just go download a pendle Hill Pamphlet called On Being Present Where You are from the free Pendle Hill pamphlets in PDF site. RantWoman MIGHT do that. OR RantWoman might just Rant and ramble:

RantWoman is once again attending multiple events from the proximity of her cat, the Queen of Spades, and her Twitter feed.

RantWoman wholeheartedly endorses holding FGC gathering west of the Mississippi from time to time. RantWoman gave thought to attending #fgc13 but did not.

Nor is RantWoman chatting up #marriageequality at #BPI13 even though #BPI13 is a really good reason RantWoman would be more likely to go to #acb13 than to #nfb13. RantWoman gets to be happy enough having seeded #marriageequality conversations at #BPI13 with a few selected links about #marriageequality in WA and in the process to have heard really nice voices from WA speak highly of #bpi13.

But as long as we are talking about #acb13 and #nfb13, RantWoman would like, HOPEFULLY in politer terms to restate a concern from a recent post  about #quakers and #accessibility of Quaker-generated print

Look, RantWoman understands that the world of publishing and ebooks and getting content into everyone's devices is kind of brutal for everyone, not just blind people. RantWoman understands that meeting the needs of blind people is not a slam dunk. RantWoman would so like to have concise and centered tips to help. Instead RantWoman has, for today, one interesting blog link,  and a sincere hope that all those #quakers at QUIP and otherwise will begin to think about this. See RantWoman knows a lot of blind people. Some of them would probably be interest in #quakers. Some of them are actually better grounded and centered than RantWoman. (That is not hard right now.)

Meanwhile, the Queen of Spades thanks RantWoman for not leaving town THIS weekend. Just you wait. The Queen of Spades came to live with RantWoman before #fgc09 on a catsit. The Queen of Spades arrived with rumors that she would disappear for 3 days, but RantWoman lucky-guessed how to find her kitty nose about 3 hours after she arrived; both RantWoman and the Queen of Spades seem grateful though the Queen of Spades has peculiar ways of showing it. Fortunately, RantWoman will close without going to dig up some hashtag for #psychokitty.

Warmest wishes to everyone travelling and gathering under the above hashtags this week.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

How not to be an ally

RantWoman suspects she is going to be reading a lot of this blog, for  one thing, someone RantWoman works with is speaking frankly about his pronoun gender preferences. RantWoman wants to be on point about the matter except when she wants to roll her eyes or snarl at other people rolling their eyes.

How not to be an ally:

And while we're at it talking about the privilege thang, George Monbiot about Bono:

Thursday, June 20, 2013


RantWoman is out of the loop about whatever incident with Nigella Lawson inspired this video but it goes in the blog as filing cabint column:

Oops. Whatever link Rantwoman was tyring to grab got lost. So here are a couple more

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Book about Gordon Hirabayashi, fascinating history of WWII antiwar movement, and accessibility tirade



RantWoman would LOVE to be emanating grounded centeredness on par with Nelson Mandela or Gandhi, but she is NOT.

RantWoman MEANS simply to recommend a blog post and an interview pointing Friends to a new memoir about WWII anti-war activist Gordon Hirabayashi. But first, RantWoman needs to have an "I didn't tell you about my day" accessibility digression!

Wait! Hallelujah???

Hallelujah! You mean RantWoman gets to branch out? Instead of a couple weighty Friends missing something, now we see they have LOTS of company and it's other people's turn. RantWoman tried, albeit feebly, to labor with the authors of this year's State of the Meeting report about how they treat disability. RantWoman spoke about blindness and disability two Business Meetings in a row in her own Meeting and had the Recording Clerk record nary a word of RantWoman's concern. Instead, RantWoman heard complaints that she is taking up a lot of community time about a personal concern; RantWoman is unsure whether her point about a double-digit number of others suffering from various sever vision issues has sunk in--yet. Now, though, RantWoman gets to branch out to rail about every print-emanating, not ready for the 21st century corner of the Religious Society of Friends. Oh Hallelujah!

No! No! No! DO NOT send RantWoman to a certain online retailer to learn a brand new book is ONLY available in print, not in audio or any other electronic format! Oh wait, RantWoman should check out whether this one might get recorded as local interest through the Talking Book and Braille Library. / NLS In the meantime, RantWoman needs to finish her tantrum.

No. No. No! RantWoman wants to read the book. She wants to read the book in the format of her choice. RantWoman wants to read it NOW or at the same time as others without an extra round of waiting so an alternative format occurs. RantWoman does not (insert Bad Friend epithet of choice) CARE whether almost everyone who listens to her screen reader has to exclaim about how weird it sounds; a LOT of the time thtat's how RantWoman reads!

RantWoman darn well feels entitled to state her preferences / needs; for better or worse RantWoman has pretty limited experience with the God as personal butler model of Divine presence. She and everyone in her orbit may instead need just to COPE.

RantWoman KNOWS that in the hoary mists of pre-history before the invention of the Kindle, there were only books on tape, talking books, much less often Braille, assuming someone could read Braille in the first place, and having someone read the book aloud. When RantWoman is being honest, she has so little time for reading that MAYBE she should just be content absorbing the content of the book from what others read and say about it. Yeah, except the idea makes RantWoman feel like a baby bird getting fed its parents' predigested offerings.

If RantWoman really must fly off the handle about lack of alternative formats for a new book, it's possible that should be taken as a sign that RantWoman REALLY needs to chill out and figure out some way to interact with the book, like make everyone around her read it and discuss it in her presence. Good thing talking about privilege gets to be on the agenda as RantWoman's Meeting figures out whether and what to rename our Oversight Committee!

Oh wait, now what was the topic RantWoman had to have an "I didn't tell you about my day" accessibility digression from?

RantWoman is entranced by this interview with Lane Hirabyashi, nephew of Gordon Hirabayashi, a WWII-era anti-war activist and one of the best known resisters to the internment of Japanese Americans.

The interview is in connection with the publication of a memoir, A principled Stand: the Story of Hirabayashi vs United States. The book draws heavily on Hirabayashi's letters as edited by his brother James and his nephew Lane. The interview talks about several ways the case was interwoven with the history of RantWoman's Meeting. RantWoman feels led also to speak to something in the comments.

RantWoman would REALLY like to read this book. Lather rinse, repeat that thought along with the comments above.

As long as RantWoman is casting about for the right giant spiritual chill pill, here is another reflection offered by another Friend from RantWoman's Meeting who also went to the White Privilege Conference. This Friend talked about going to a presentation by Mary Matsuda Gruenwald, author of Looking Like the Enemy. Matsuda Gruenwald talked about how one of the things that helped restore her sense of justice was many times being treated with dignity. The FBI agents who searched their house treated them with dignity. After the war when she went to nursing school somewhere inland, everyone there treated her with dignity. Hold that thought.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ministry? Not Ministry?

WARNING: This post contains references to someone coming upon the scene of a suicide, a parental anxiety theme, and RantWoman's usual subtle, sensitive, and nuanced treatment of many topics. RantWoman is grateful for a sense of God unquestionably showing up as well. This is from Meeting for Worship a few weeks ago. How many times might one say something here is / is not ministry at the same time?

Dear [Never mind who]

RantWoman was speaking recently of sparkling clarity: her Meeting gets three years of her attention to Worship and Ministry whether it knows what to do with it or not. Then along came a comment, never mind from whom in a recent Adult Education about rabbis not even considering people who want to convert to judaism until they have asked and been turned down three times.RantWoman is trying to decide whether to take that as a sign: Okay God, now what?

RantWoman writes: The following would fall under Quality of Worship. Maybe it was because I was sitting close to you at Meeting for Worship ... but during the first message you seemed to be rolling your eyes ALMOST as loudly as the World Champion of Audible Eyerolling sometimes does. Honestly, I have the same view of you doing audible eyerooling as of him: it's a nice accessibility feature, and I am unclear whether it is centered worship. It usually is not as high on my personal irritation list as other things, and sometimes...

What was bothering you the message accompanied by your audible eye rolling?

--The long exegesis about the circumstances of the Friend's fears of dropping her younest daughter off the catwalk at work?

--The throwing up several times as the image came over and over during the day?

--The driving home and coming upon the scene of someone having jumped off a bridge and then having to scour her neighborhood blog to find anyone willing to name the situation?

--something the message evoked from your personal experience or about someone close to you? Personally, I heard you sigh several times. I tease friends of mine that legally blind guests overlook a lot of housekeeping sins; I am wondering whether hearing loss also insulates some sitting nearby or not so nearby from distress about at least some audible eye-rolling. In any case, I am glad for a sense that after every one of your sighs, the message continued. I am glad of this particularly in light of:

--multiple other voices who seem to want ministry in easily digestible 30-second soundbites instead of the shared process of winnowing.

--multiple voices who howl about not understanding and seem to want the challenging just to go away rather than to sit with.

--multiple voices besides you who in general want messages to arrive perfectly formed and never ever by email rather than buffed into shape by community support of the birthing.

--another reviewer who said "well, it wasn't ministry. It was something unprocessed..." This reviewer at least got that one success of worship was how the community as a whole drew the message into worshipful fabric.We further talked about another recent Meeting for Worship where the whole community together held a number of difficulties very lovingly.

Have you considered the possibility if some message distresses you or does not seem obvious that you are to wait in faith for meaning to arrive?

Have you considered the possibility that you serve by being present, and even sighing repeatedly while a message arrives more directly to / through others?

RantWoman also was touched by the message and Literature Brain found much to work with:

--a Friend's anxiety about in a split second unintentionally doing something horrible that cannot be undone to a loved one.

--a Friend needing to be tender with the part of herself who knows to be horrified by what she kept seeing

--a Friend working with something weird that God has dropped into her lap.

--the power of shared observation of an actual event.

I found myself seasoning several messages, clear that the messages did not belong in the whole room, and clear that they are intended for someone though I am not sure for whom.

--After worship I told the Friend with the message, in my experience sometimes one just has to trust and pray, trust that one has what is needed when God drops something like that and that and that and maybe something else into one's lap and, more or less, that prayer is always a reasonable first way to deal and all the more if there is room to share

I did not tell the Friend of riding places with Tall Weighty Friend in the name of dialogue with "those other Quakers." I love riding with Tall Weighty Friend first because she is tall and, fuel economy be damned, her car has legroom in the back seat. Second, Tall Weighty Friend's default behavior when coming upon something horrible such as an accident is just to offer a prayer and a blessing.

--My radio last week was full of anniversary chatter about mass shootings at a local cafe and better mental health services as one way to cut down on gun violence. I was GLAD the message about the dream images supplanted possible anniversary ministry about the mass shootings.

I found myself thinking uncharitable thoughts of one person I remember offering ministry last year after the event. I sort of heard the ministry as "well I went by to bless the scene with my presence and yup it was real." Maybe my "I hear a lot of that Friend and have trouble hearing God around him" reflex is getting in the way of something I also remember about visiting the scene in the light of a new day. I remember seasoning a message myself about the same mass shooting events: My sister has moved to a new church. The organist there was driving by the woman who as shot on Capitol Hill. The organist stopped to help the woman and when it was clear that the woman would not make it, the organist stayed with her so she would not die alone. I consider that an act of profound spiritual accompaniment. ., a concept I do not hear very much but that could be applied a few different ways including perhaps simply to holding in worship.


Was there something in your audible eyerolling for the whole room OR was there someone the audible eyerolling was supposed to be a message for?

In the Light.


If you have made it this far whether or not meaning has arrived, perhaps you will enjoy one of these items. A very sweet one from Cherice Bock

Steven Davison on a gathered meeting.

Guy from Britain YM on trusting one's Meeting 

Confession the stuff in here about unity is making me really clear that maybe I just need to keep speaking about some threads BECAUSE I am out of unity with the prevailing understanding. Please hold that point in the Light.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

For Dad for 2013

So, um RantDad decamped to other concert halls roughly two decades ago. But June means Fathers' Day and RantWoman's data streams have been blessed with gifts worthy of RantDad.

Bobby McFerin and audience: the audience does Gunod's Ave Maria, except maybe the Jewish ones who get Bobby's permission to do the Oy-ve  Maria while Bobby does the first Bach prelude
RantDad loved nearly all things Bach. RantWoman loves a reference she read not long ago to Bach as Protestant mysticism.  That alone is enough, and the music too doesn't hurt.

Bobby McFerrin, Yo-yo Ma and others do Hush Little Baby with Japanese subtitles. Very Guy. Very Beautiful

Patrick Stewart on his Dad. RantDad never went to war; RantWoman means to admire Stewart's energy and passion on behalf of both his parents. RantWoman does NOT mean particularly to comment on matters between the RantParents, but does mean to hold all fathers in theLight, especially the difficult ones, whatever the reasons for the difficulty.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Links from Sojo about sexual abuse

By way of blog as filing cabinet

Various denominations, stories, sexual abuse, lots of ways to have challenging conversations.

This is blog as filing cabinet with other links that look interesting to RantWoman but which she did not follow.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

War is not the Answer. What is?

RantWoman enthusiastically endorses this joint initiative of AFSC and FCNL. Check out both the foundation document and a study guide and then discern, what canst thou say? What might you / we be called to do?