Monday, September 24, 2012


Trigger alert: more consequences of warfare.

Verily the Lord or at least the US Army doth work in mysterious ways.

Recently RantWoman received word, via one of her blindness lists that one of America's wounded heroes, who has returned home after being blinded in some kind of warfare related explosion, has become the first blind person on active duty in the US Army. He has been placed as a recruiter on a college campus.

RantWoman congratulates the warrior on his new position. RantWoman thinks if the Army handle the concept of blind person on active duty, fully employed, an awful lot more civilian employers should be able to make it work too.

And RantWoman is quite unclear how to uphold this particular wounded warrior's career path. RantWoman is called to note: blindness is the disability most people fear the most. RantWoman is trying to imagine what other blandishments are going to need to be offered to overcome the average skeptic. "Oh wow! If I sign up I can come back like that???"

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