Saturday, September 25, 2021

For Fourth Saturday Worship: among other things, is ADON OLAM ad drinking song? - Hampton Synagogue - Thanksgiving Concert 2017

Fourth Saturday worship is not exactly on hiatus for September. It has been swallowed up by virtual Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting, with a format shaken up and Friends invited to participate in the whole weekend. So Friends who might want to worship at this time are invited to do so without RantWoman's help. RantWoman is pretty sure you can do it.

The first evening program closed with an invitation to think of living life in a permanent state of gratitude. RantWoman was not quite ready to go all the sort of sarcastic, (sarcastic but true) Bad Friend directions that came to her. Luckily, instead of more videos by Joanna Macy, YouTube served up several variations of the Adon Olom. RantWoman permitted herself not even to try to untangle all the threads of the Wikipedia entry but just to enjoy the music and repeat her occasional musing about gender identity: RantWoman would only ever consider transitioning if she thought she might emerge with a halfway decent low range singing voice.

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