Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday Gratitudes

RantWoman's peculiar gratitudes for today:

Awhile ago RantWoman heard radio broadcasts about two different figures filling journals with the details of daily life. RantWoman does not aspire to be Andy Warhol but is touched to think of people putting lots of Woody Guthrie's reflections to music. RantWoman does not particularly promise anything headed in a musical direction but does feel steadied a little in her need to fill this blog with words.

It's Tuesday, Korean Lunch day for the local Korean Seniors Association. The seniors come to the same building where the Friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing  is. Some days there is a Korean-speaking social worker. The seniors eat lunch. The olfactory experience is variable; RantWoman greatly hopes the aromas just mean "Don't mess with people's comfort food!"

A clump of different size and skin tone hands
It's Tuesday, the day a now-deceased denizen of starof.seattle.org used to volunteer. His customer service skills were, um, uneven, and over time RantWoman collected considerable data about his struggles with spina bifida and his family or origin and various vexatious realities. A further,  somewhat redundant blog post and a repeat of a cool image in his memory.

RantWoman has recovered enough from nasty cellulitis in one leg to be able to put on both socks and shoes she has not worn for the duration of the infection. This improvement cuts down dramatically on the time needed to fuss about shoes and socks.  This is good also because the socks RantWoman has been wearing are all still damp from laundering yesterday. RantWoman has been wearing shoes with various over-worn spots that RantWoman does not think should be overdone with skin that is blistery and seepy so it is good to be back to better shoes.  The antibiotics are working. There is still more swelling than normal, and the skin looks ugly. The skin looks ugly but not ugly in a way that involves pus or that seems to need more care than good non allergenic lotion. RantWoman gets to be grateful to have what she needs in that department.

RamntWoman has other riffs percolating and gets to be grateful for time maybe to fuss further with them. But Not Now. Now RantWoman gets to prepare for a meeting!

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