Friday, June 9, 2017

Gratitudes: Friday Edition

Peculiar Gratitudes, Friday Edition

RantWoman appreciates the awesome opportunity to binge-watch Inclusive design #ID24 videos on Youtube. use your search bar. There are LOTS of them

Who knew Paul Ryan had such comedic gift?
Trump is new at government and does not know not to obstruct justice

The Still Didn't Get the Memo on Email Immoderation has achieved some stunning "successes." Stay tuned for further details. Hold in the Light.

RantWoman finally has enough energy back to go places AND mop her kitchen floor. Next stop: wrangling the science projects in the refrigerator. Unless...RantWoman has secretly been wondering whether there is ANY faint possibility that the science projects will evolve into enough of a sentient being to do a better job than the current Tweeter in Chief.  (shhh, RantWoman, NO.)

RantWoman's leg infection has GREATLY improved. The crusty scabby spots are getting smaller. RantWoman can now wear her most exuberant support stockings and not her favorite sandals but some perfectly fine ones. RantWoman HATES the entire subject of cellulitis partly because of too many rounds of watching Little Sister deal with it before she started to get serious about taking better care at the first sign of trouble. RantWoman is grateful that Little Sister and RantMom can handle details in email because family conversation patterns mean RantWoman will barely get two words out before someone plows in and talks over whatever RantWoman is trying to say. Sometimes there are also exploding people elements. Enough said for now.

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