Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day Nephew Couch

There is a teenager on this couch.
Couch, Irrepressible Nephew

The teenager is 6’4” long. The couch is not.

When the teenager is awake he talks of salt water fish tanks, planned summer trips, his spring break trip with his church to build houses in Tijuana.

There is a girlfriend who was not seen today.

This is the teenager’s mother, Little Sister.

Little Sister

The teenager's dad Brother in Law was not looking to be photographed.

Little Sister was in awesome enough humor this past week to get help and rearrange her apartment to make her living area way friendlier and cut WAY down on trip and fall hazards. Little Sister invited RantWoman and RantMom over for Mother’s Day.

Little Sister supplied lasagna, salad, garlic bread that was NOT too burned to eat—if RantWoman had been hungry enough to want garlic bread. RantWoman supplied homemade ratatouille.

Good will supplied all around. Sister fights negligible and laughable.

It was lovely.

Thanks Sis for being an Amazing Mom. Thanks for working so hard to do things differently than our parents did.  THANKS for keeping one of my favorite thoughts real: The great thing about being Auntie is that you get to give the kid BACK.

RantMom and her childhood as well as the RantChildren get a separate post.

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