Sunday, March 26, 2017

Send Lawyers Guns and Money

A character from a previous Y a wanna hassle me? Get in Line  post rolled in again this week to  The friendly Neighborhood Center for Extreme Computing RantWoman was very glad to see this customer, to hear that she has made huge progress, that she is using technologies that make sense and work, and that she is ready to work the next steps of her goals.

This is where RantWoman asks to have situation held in the Light and does not specify technical minutia or goals. But first an excursion into a world of circumstances that fall between the cracks of several government programs, illustrate culture gaps among different strands of service providers, and cause RantWoman to scratch her head about confidentiality issues.

By way of intro, RantWoman is feeling her age, musing about an old song line: Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money. Actually posting a link to the song would not enhance the narrative. Keep it simple.

Check. The kinds of lawyers needed  for gnarly personal matters or when someone whose job description is to facilitate certain legalities is not doing their job. Sigh. The challenging personal circumstances seem at least to be moving forward. RantWoman already knew there might be data to be collected about the job description thread. RantWoman would not have minded being wrong. Sigh.

Yep! A veteran involved so access to guns is NOT A PROBLEM. Suffice it to say RantWoman's attitude toward guns is dissimilar to the views of the average veteran. RantWoman's assessment: reference to guns understandable for a situation., whatever rantWoman's preference would be. So far, no indication of any inclination toward gun irresponsibility or self-harm.

Money: Rules. Finances. Falling into the cracks between programs. Enough technology acquired without help from the Friendly Neighborhood center that we or at least RantWoman see clearly how some of what we do might help, at least enough to try again about one source of financial assistance.

This constitutes a good day.

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