Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Blessed Ramadan agiain

RantWoman again extends Blessed Ramadan wishes to those around her who observe Ramadan including the young woman who rang RantWoman up yesterday at Target.


Possibly RantWoman should stop there.


But why? This is RantWoman after all! Readers who are not up for another unsolicited trip to Planet RantWoman are not entirely excused but RantWoman has no control over anyone’s decision to leave.

Don’t Jews and Muslims and Buddhists (and Quakers but that is another story anyway have both blind peole and prayers for blind people? RantWoman is in attendance at NotFGC though Planet RantWoman is deceptively close to actual FGC at a blindness-related event for purposes of tis post called NotFGC.


Every day there is an invocation. Today’s was particularly Christian. RantWoman is glad that version of Jesus works for the speaker. RantWoman is not necessarily vehemently opposed, but is led to the question above. One of the scholarship winners who also is studying church music offered a quote from Corinthians about walking without sight but with faith. RantWoman also found that quote touching in context but Rantwoman is not quite sure overall what to make of all this being prayed over.


Every day there is also a pledge of allegiance. Pledging allegiance to a flag is excuse us idolatry., though peculiarly RantWoma has no problem with the idals reflected in the rest of it. Still on grounds of resisting idolatry, RantWoman THINKS she gets to be glad that one day the volunteers present to help lead people around were Jehovah’s witnesses who also resist saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Today’s volunteers were Mormons. RantWoman is still working on  being appropriately gracious when offered help especially since she needs help less than others but still sometimes needs help.

But STAY TUNED. RantWoman’s local chapter of said blindness organization is the host chapter for our state convention in November in Seatac. RantWoman means to see whether some Quakers might be interested in volunteering


Perhaps that is finally enough for today. God bless us in all our tangled matters of faith or Not faith and again, Blessed Ramadan.

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