Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hannukah Flash Mob

And lo' the season of winter festivity fell upon the land and theological / thealogical options for time warp set upon RantWoman's brain.

And RantWoman reads young Quakers who DO advocate distinct days of Thanksgiving

and who think of thanksgiving every day.
And RantWoman reads of solstice rituals

and adds Orthodox liturgical year to her options for hyphenated Quakers

and meditates fitfully but without bloggable coherence of Advent on
Can you Believe

and The Lamb's War with spiritual digression with thoughts of Metro as mission field and wonderment for the God of the bus and the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven

and digressed to a different Word and Flesh moment

And lo, tidings of Hanukah penetrated RantWoman's dense skull and  the Lord spake unto RantWoman and the Lord said "search engine hanukah flash mob" and lo, the Lord and the search engine delivered unto RantWoman:

RantWoman has read the accompanying titles. RantWoman suspects that if she knew anything more about the exact organization who produced this video, she might find reason to become apoplectic. Nevertheless, RantWoman is clear to hadd this to this year's theological festival of singing and dancing and to let God handle any brouhaha which might result from theological collisions on her blog.

Coming up next: Presbyterians gone wild?

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