Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black History Month, belatedly

RantWoman's efforts this year to observe Black History Month:

--Put oneself in the way of good information streams. Okay, RantWoman does not get to read nearly as much of anything as she might want, but she at least makes efforts to ensure that what she actually does read includes diverse perspectives.

One thing she tripped over: http://newsone.com/  Breaking news for Black America

Diversity Inc. Okay, the race of the writers is unknown, but...

--Speak up. RantWoman is involved in a couple public participation efforts where the faces close to the decisions are a lot paler than the faces of the people affected by the decisions. RantWoman regularly points this out, especially when questions arise of recruiting new members.

--Dialogue with RantMom. Perhaps enough said.

RantWoman would like more meaty, incisive content to post here, but this is what she has.

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