Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Micah, Baptism

RantWoman digresses from the irreverent comments she is about to post to meditate on pronunciation: everyone RantWoman knows pronounces Micah the English way; RantWoman knows someone from college who pronounces it the Hebrew way. RantWoman hopes baby Micah learns both! RantWoman leaves to her readers to guess what Mr. JAWS does.

RantWoman here is not referring to the usual baptism in her Meeting of newcomers plunging into dishwashing to fit in.

Sunday brought news of the recent much anticipated birth of Baby Micah. "Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with the Lord your God." generated several thoughtful messages during worship.

True to the child's prophetic name, there has also already been at least one instance of that hysterical boy baby fountain that sometimes happens when new babies are getting their diapers changed. RantWoman remembers this from when the World's most Irrepressible Nephew was tiny, lo many eons ago. This time, the lucky diaper changer was Micah's father!

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