Monday, September 7, 2009

More on Jana

RantWoman has a strange reserve about using people's full names or things that are distinctly identifying on the internet. It is not that RantWoman thinks people already in the know, passionate, interested, concerned would be a problem. The problem is all the other mysterious vermin infesting the interwebs and wanting to hijack information for various nefarious purposes. With that in mind, RantWoman is probably going to use only the first names, if that of the couple, her friend who was hit by the car and her husband.

RantWoman is also conscious that sometimes when one is in the midst of overwhelming circumstances, there can be a million ways for wires to get crossed and information to get tangled. With all that in mind, RantWoman humbly offers further brain dump from yesterday's visit to the hospital.

First, Warren spoke from the heart of how well he feels enfolded in love from several directions, Friends, Jana's work, neighbors, her recorder group. Our meeting peppered Warren with questions and offers of various kinds, info about buses and good walking destinations near the hospital, offers of free places to park and short rides to the hospital, concern about meals, rest, relief, a care committee and many more gestures than anyone could react to all at once. People have been dispatched on various notification duties though RantWoman supposes there are strays who can be reached or follow other ways.

Warren said he is sleeping at home every night. His son and the son's girlfriend are visiting every day. His daugher will come from college for a week, though everyone who weighs in is unanimous that we will wholeheartedly support her returning for things she has already committed to this term. We know she loves her mother and father. We know that school may be rough but that continuity can also be valuable. So many, many people are reaching out to both her parents in Seattle that what the daugher can do can be done as well from college as from home.

Jana is in ICU so only 3 people including staff can be with her at one time. However, visits are definitely welcome, and someone from another of Jana's circles of friends is working on a roster of people to be with her at the hospital.

Jana is on a ventilator so actual talking is not to be, but yesterday she could definitely move an arm and leg to acknowledge presence and also grimace when she felt pain.

One Friend spent time offering John Calvi's idea of healing touch.

Friends from worship made plans to come play a harp, to come sing, to bring CD's and of course to visit.

While we were at worship, a coworker stopped by; a neighbor who is a pastor at another church stopped by on his way home from preaching somewhere and offered a prayer with all who were interested.

Sometime in the next couple days, Jana likely will have surgery to reset bones in her leg that initially knit together incorrectly. RantWoman supposes that anytime anesthesia is involved is a time of heightened risk and commends all for heightened prayers.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is hard to be far away from you all right now; I so much want to be there, even though I might not be doing anything differently, except for worshipping physically with you and hugging you all in person.