Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jana minus NG tube

RantWoman is shamelessly dumping email bulletins into her blog, partly so that she can easily look over the arc of the situation at points in the future.

There was a post about Jana eating mashed potatoes and fruit purees and only having to have the NG tube at night.

Mention has also been made of Jana moving to a skilled nursing facility at some point. Since Warren was recently given a list of such facilities, RantWoman assumes the horizon for that to happen might not be too distant. One downside from RantWoman's perspective: W and J live quite some distance from RantWoman; RantWoman sort of imagines that she herself would opt for a choice near where she lives which would mean not necessarily easily on a bus stop on RantWoman's way home. In that case RantWoman will probably have to wish Jana speedy enough healing to see her regularly at the places she is used to seeing her, but perhaps RantWoman is getting ahead of herself again.

Then there is today's wonderful news:
It is thrilling to see Jana every couple of days - she is making such dramatic progress between visits. Her feeding tube is gone - A tells me she pulled it out last night and they didn't put it back because she is eating so well. She is talking in full sentences that make about 90% sense, remembering things about the family trip to Finland and other family information that seems (to a non-family member) to be plausible.

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